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Custom BBCodes

BBCode name Help line Display on posting
[scrippet] ABBC3_SCRIPPET No
[search] ABBC3_SEARCH_TIP Yes
[shadow=] ABBC3_SHADOW_TIP Yes
[size] ABBC3_SIZE_TIP Yes
[spoil] ABBC3_SPOIL_TIP Yes
[stream] ABBC3_STREAM_TIP No
[sub] ABBC3_SUB_TIP Yes
[sup] ABBC3_SUP_TIP Yes
[tab=] ABBC3_TAB_TIP Yes
[table=] ABBC3_TABLE_TIP Yes
[tabs] ABBC3_TABS Yes
[testlink] ABBC3_TESTLINK_TIP No
[thumbnail] ABBC3_THUMBNAIL_TIP Yes
[u] ABBC3_U_TIP Yes
[url] ABBC3_URL_TIP Yes
[url=] ABBC3_ED2K_TIP Yes
[veoh] ABBC3_VEOH_TIP No
[video] ABBC3_VIDEO_TIP No
[wave=] ABBC3_WAVE_TIP Yes
[web] ABBC3_WEB_TIP No
[youtube] ABBC3_YOUTUBE_TIP No
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