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Bot ID Bot Name Agent Match Bot IP address Bot Active
1 AdsBot [Google] AdsBot-Google    Yes
2 Alexa [Bot] ia_archiver    Yes
3 Alta Vista [Bot] Scooter/    Yes
4 Ask Jeeves [Bot] Ask Jeeves    Yes
5 Baidu [Spider] Baiduspider+(    Yes
6 Bing [Bot] bingbot/    Yes
7 Exabot [Bot] Exabot/    Yes
8 FAST Enterprise [Crawler] FAST Enterprise Crawler    Yes
9 FAST WebCrawler [Crawler] FAST-WebCrawler/    Yes
10 Francis [Bot] http://www.neomo.de/    Yes
11 Gigabot [Bot] Gigabot/    Yes
12 Google Adsense [Bot] Mediapartners-Google    Yes
13 Google Desktop Google Desktop    Yes
14 Google Feedfetcher Feedfetcher-Google    Yes
15 Google [Bot] Googlebot    Yes
16 Heise IT-Markt [Crawler] heise-IT-Markt-Crawler    Yes
17 Heritrix [Crawler] heritrix/1.    Yes
18 IBM Research [Bot] ibm.com/cs/crawler    Yes
19 ICCrawler - ICjobs ICCrawler - ICjobs    Yes
20 ichiro [Crawler] ichiro/    Yes
21 Majestic-12 [Bot] MJ12bot/    Yes
22 Metager [Bot] MetagerBot/    Yes
23 MSN NewsBlogs msnbot-NewsBlogs/    Yes
24 MSN [Bot] msnbot/    Yes
25 MSNbot Media msnbot-media/    Yes
26 NG-Search [Bot] NG-Search/    Yes
27 Nutch [Bot] http://lucene.apache.org/nutch/    Yes
28 Nutch/CVS [Bot] NutchCVS/    Yes
29 OmniExplorer [Bot] OmniExplorer_Bot/    Yes
30 Online link [Validator] online link validator    Yes
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